Fire Force Online Gift Codes 

Fire Force Online codes are gift codes from the game developer that players can redeem In the Fire Force online game to claim free bonuses. These rewards include Reroll tokens which you can use In the token shop to upgrade your character.

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List Of Active Fire Force Online Codes

  • AUGMENTV2 – Free rewards
  • MEDICINE – Free rewards
  • ARCADE – Free rewards
  • CHRISTMASPART2 – Free rewards
  • CHRISTMASCHEER – Free rewards
  • DRAGONABILITY – Free rewards
  • DESERTRAIDZ – Free rewards
  • SorryForBugzz – Free rewards
  • WEEK11 – Reroll Tokens
  • CORNATIME – Reroll Tokens
  • WEEK9 – Reroll Tokens
  • WEEK8 – Reroll Tokens
  • WEEK7 – Reroll Tokens
  • WEEK6 – Reroll Tokens
  • WEEK5 – Reroll Tokens
  • INFERNALFIXES – Reroll Token x30
  • WEEK4 – Reroll Token x10
  • WEEK3 – Reroll Token x10
  • WEEK2 – Skill Tree Reset x1
  • WEEK1 – Ability Reroll x1

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How To Redeem These Codes

1. Launch Roblox And Start The Fire Force Online Game

Open your Roblox and click the game to start playing.

2. Open Menu

While playing Fire Force Online, press the “m” key on your keyboard to open the menu.

3. Access Settings

Within the menu interface, locate and tap on the “Settings” option to open up a submenu with different settings and options for the game.

4. Enter Your Code

Look for the option labeled “Enter Code” within the settings submenu. Click on this option to input your Fire Force Online redemption code.

5. Redeem Code

After typing in the code, ensure it is accurate, then hit the “Redeem” button. If the code is valid, you’ll receive your benefits instantly.

How Do I Get Fire Force Online Codes

If you want to get the latest Fire Force Online codes, It’s best to join the official Fire Force Online Discord Server created by the game’s developers, the Fire Force: Online Roblox team.

Being a part of this Discord community lets you stay updated on the latest codes they release. This server is where the developers often share new codes and other important announcements and updates about the game.

So, Joining the Discord server ensures you get all the codes when they’re released. Also, follow the game’s official social media channels, such as Twitter or Facebook, they also announce new codes there.

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